Jack Hughes

Jack Hughes Partner

Jack Hughes joined Liebert Cassidy Whitmore as an associate attorney in 1996. Since then he has worked in all aspects of the firm's labor and employment law practice.

Jack has been involved in public-sector employment law trial and appellate court litigation on behalf of a number of cities, with several published decisions to his credit including Robison v. City of Manteca 78 Cal.App.4th 452, 92 Cal.Rptr.2d 748, City of Palo Alto v. Service Employees International Union 77 Cal.App.4th 327, 91 Cal.Rptr.2d 500, and Smith v. City of Napa 120 Cal.App.4th 194, 14 Cal.Rptr.3d 908.  Jack has also participated in numerous arbitrations, civil service commission hearings, law-and-motion court hearing, proceedings before Administrative Law Judges, mediations, fact-findings and other administrative hearings regarding MOU interpretation grievances, employee disciplinary appeals, labor negotiation impasses, contested CalPERS disability retirements, unfair bargaining practices charges and other contested administrative matters.

Jack has served as labor negotiator for city, county and special district clients, and has represented charter cities in labor negotiation impasse interest arbitration proceedings. He has successfully negotiated Memoranda of Understanding involving police officers, sheriff deputies, correctional officers, probation officers, firefighters, rangers, public safety management staff, dispatcher, evidence technicians, attorneys (civil and criminal), management and supervisory staff, public health nurses, clerical employees and other white-collar professions, department heads, maintenance employees and other blue-collar professions, childcare workers, in-home support service employees and most other public sector classifications utilized by agencies subject to the MMBA.  Jack also serves as a behind-the-scenes advisor for agencies conducting in-house negotiations regarding bargaining strategy, compliance with the MMBA good-faith bargaining requirement, closed session preparations, best-practices updates to existing MOU language, utilization of compensation study data, interpretation and application of cost-of-living data, medical insurance options, negotiation ground rules compliance with union information requests and impasse procedures.

Jack is also one of the experienced presenters in the firm's renowned management and supervisory training programs. Jack has conducted hundreds of training seminars for municipal, county, special district and Federal agencies. Jack specializes in training on protected status discrimination/harassment/retaliation, supervisor skills, labor relations/negotiations, leave laws, disability laws, workplace violence, free speech, disciplinary procedures, grievance procedures and effective performance evaluations among others.

Jack actively participates in the Firm’s advice and counsel practice. He advises clients on a wide range of issues including but not limited to leave laws, employee attendance (or lack thereof), disability accommodation issues, disability and service retirements, disciplinary investigations and prosecutions, MOU interpretation issues and grievances, recent employment law legislation and court rulings, union security issues, protected status harassment, discrimination and retaliation matters, abusive conduct in the workplace, disputed performance evaluations and merit pay assessments, wage and hour law issues, Public Records Act requests, hiring and promotional process disputes, settlement of disputes including separation of both for-cause and at-will employees, freedom of speech issues arising both at and related to public service employment, preparation and amendment of at-will employment contracts, updates to personnel rules, policies, procedures and labor relations rules (Employer-Employee Relations Rules under the MMBA), both best-practices and legal compliance audits of current MOUs and updates to job descriptions.

Jack is a problem solver and enjoys working with clients to find solutions – both well-proven and creative – to enable clients to comply with applicable law and keep the client’s focus on public service.


  • BA, University of California, Davis

  • JD, Duke University School of Law


County of Napa - SEIU general and supervisory units.

County of Butte – Public Employees Association, Mid- Managers, COA, DSA, POA, PEA, UPEC, United Domestic Workers.

County of El Dorado – Public Employees Association, Operating Engineers, DSA, Law Enforcement Managers’ Association, Deputy County Counsel Association, Criminal Attorney Association, Mid-Managers, Probation Officers Association, IHSS.

County of Tulare - All County safety and non-safety units.

County of Plumas - Operating Engineers, DSA, Probation Association, Management Unit.

County of Humboldt - IHSS, DSA, AFSCME, Management Staff, Criminal Attorneys, and Department Heads.

Arcata Fire Protection District - IAFF.

Humboldt Bay Fire - IAFF.

Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Protection District - IAFF

Valley of the Moon Fire Protection District - IAFF.

Coastside Fire Protection District - IAFF.

Scotts Valley Fire Protection District - IAFF.

Central Fire Protection District of Santa Cruz County - IAFF, Administrative Group, Mid-Management Group, Miscellaneous.

Southern Marin Fire Protection District - IAFF.

Marinwood Community Services District -IAFF.

Housing Authority of Alameda County - SEIU.

Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District – Field Employees Association.

Housing Authority of Marin County – SEIU.

Humboldt Transportation Authority – AFSCME, Transit Workers and Mechanics.

El Dorado Irrigation District – Water and Wastewater Employees, Engineers.

North Tahoe Public Utilities District – Local 39 blue-collar and white-collar staff.

Tuolumne Utilities District - Non-safety employees association.

City of South Lake Tahoe - All City safety and non-safety units.

City of San Rafael – IAFF, Police Association.

City of Richmond - SEIU, Police, Fire, Safety and Non-Safety Management Units.

City of Santa Clara – All City safety and non-safety units.

City of Vacaville - POA, Managers’ Association, City Employees Association, IAFF, Stationary Engineers, Fire Management Group.

City of Chico - IAFF.

City of Hayward - City non-safety employee bargaining units.

City of Sunnyvale - Non-safety employees association.

City of Sonoma - IAFF.

Town of Truckee - POA.

City of Fairfield - SEIU, POA, Safety and Non-Safety, Mid-Management Units, Firefighters.


  • BA, University of California, Davis

  • JD, Duke University School of Law

Jul 6, 2016

Establishing Rapport During Negotiations

In these monthly videos, members of LCW’s Labor Relations and Negotiations Services practice group will provide various tips that can be implemented at your bargaining tables. 

Aug 5, 2015

Dealing with Conflicting Policies

In these monthly videos, members of LCW’s Labor Relations and Negotiations Services practice group will provide various tips that can be implemented at your bargaining tables. 

Apr 28, 2015 Press Release

LCW Sacramento Partners Gage Dungy and Jack Hughes Quoted in a Daily Journal's Article on Sacramento's Economic Resurgence

LCW Sacramento Partners Gage Dungy and Jack Hughes were quoted in a Daily Jou...
Jun 4, 2014

Role of Comparability Data

We are proud to continue our video series – Tips from the Table.


  • BA, University of California, Davis

  • JD, Duke University School of Law

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  • BA, University of California, Davis

  • JD, Duke University School of Law

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