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JD, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles

DPM, California College of Podiatric Medicine

BA, University of California, San Diego

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Jolina is also a licensed Doctor of Podiatric Medicine.

Benach v. County of Los Angeles (2007) – The California Court of Appeal held that removing a deputy sheriff from his special assignment as a pilot “without a concomitant loss of rank or pay” is not a punitive action which entitles the deputy sheriff to an administrative appeal under the Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act.

Muneton v. Los Angeles Unified School District (2019) – Twelve former motor unit police officers claimed whistleblower retaliation and retaliation for reporting alleged illegal conduct under Education Code 44113 and the Labor Code. When the Chief of Police commissioned an audit, it revealed that the motor unit was operating at a loss due to the officers’ lack of productivity, the infighting within the unit and their resistance to supervision, and the unit was disbanded. LCW filed seven separate motions and the Court granted all seven motions, resulting in a complete dismissal.

POA/Lieutenant v. County (2022) – Won a grievance arbitration in which Lieutenant sought special duty pay.  Convinced the arbitrator that the County fully complied with the MOU.

The Sexual Abuse and Accountability Act has Opened the Window for New Lawsuits
California Public Agency Labor & Employment Blog

On January 1, 2023, Assembly Bill 2777 (“AB 2777), also known as the Sexual Abuse and Cover-Up Accountability Act (the “Act”), officially became the law. The Act provides sexual abuse victims an opportunity to seek justice in California. It is important to note that while the Act revives claims...

California’s New Pay Transparency Law
California Public Agency Labor & Employment Blog

On September 27, 2022, California Governor Newson signed Senate Bill 1162, which is California’s new pay transparency and pay data disclosure law.
This new law will require nearly 200,000 California companies with 15 or more employees to include pay ranges in all job postings and advertisements,...

The California Supreme Court Makes It Easier for Employees to Blow the Whistle
ERMA Legal Alert

In January 2022, the California Supreme Court finally dispelled widespread confusion regarding the evidentiary standard for whistleblower retaliation claims bought under Labor Code section 1102.5. In Lawson v. PPG Architectural Finishes, Inc. (Lawson), the Court clarified that an employee-friendly...

Exempt Employees: Who Are They Really?

Misclassifying an employee as “exempt” from overtime laws can violate both state and federal laws, and in turn, devastate both a non-profit’s budget and employee morale.  Non-profits can avoid those liabilities by auditing whether their employees are truly exempt from the state and federal overtime...


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