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JD, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles

BA, University of California, Santa Cruz

Police Officer v. City (2022) – The City prevailed in a sergeant’s appeal of his termination for off-duty misconduct. While the sergeant was at a bar and intoxicated, he struck a subordinate officer in the genitals and choked him. Although the sergeant had no previous record of discipline and was well-regarded in the police department, the hearing officer upheld his termination given the severity of his misconduct.

Public Safety Video Briefing: Describing the “Nature of the Investigation”- August 2023
California Public Agency Labor & Employment Blog

Our short Public Safety Video Briefings will tackle cutting-edge issues and core principles relevant to public safety employers. We hope you find these videos useful and thought-provoking.

New Ruling Expands Liability for Using Excessive Force and Broadens the Basis for Disciplining Police Officers in California
California Public Agency Labor & Employment Blog

In 2017, a police officer with the City of Huntington Beach (“Officer Esparza”) saw a man standing on a sidewalk who caught his attention (“Mr. Tabares”).  Officer Esparza noticed Mr. Tabares wore a sweater on a warm day, walked abnormally, made flinching movements with his hands, and looked in his...

A SWAT Sniper’s First Amendment Rights Impact a Police Department’s Ability to Discipline Him For a Facebook Posting
California Public Agency Labor & Employment Blog

In 2015, someone shot a police officer and a suspect was later arrested.  While off-duty, a SWAT sniper commented on a friend’s Facebook post which linked to an article about the shooting.  He wrote, “It’s a shame he didn’t have a few holes in him.”  An anonymous tip came in about the post,...

Minimum Wage Applies to Charter Cities And All Counties
The Daily Journal

Peter Brown and Megan Atkinson authored an article for the Daily Journal that discusses the Court of Appeal case Marquez v. City of Long Beach (244 Cal. Rptr. 3557 (2019)).The Court of Appeal held that California’s state minimum wage applies to all public employers, including charter cities and all...


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