Members of the firm have conducted investigations since the firm's inception in 1980, including those of a sensitive nature. The Firm's Investigations Practice Group specializes in investigating allegations of discrimination, harassment, and other misconduct, including police officer misconduct.  Our investigative practice primarily serves private sector employers and public sector agencies who are not already Firm clients.  However, we also represent current clients on a case-by-case basis depending on the specific facts and allegations at issue.  In addition, we train in-house staff on how to most effectively conduct their own investigations.

Our typical approach to investigations involves reviewing documents, interviewing witnesses and writing a report that includes factual findings without making ultimate legal conclusions. We determine whether the facts occurred as alleged by the complainant.  We only make ultimate determinations and/or recommendations if the employer specifically requests that we do so.

Sometimes, our investigations practice requires that we testify at deposition and/or at hearing or trial.  We, therefore, make certain that we remain neutral and unbiased in conducting investigations so that our investigators can be credible witnesses, if called to testify.  We find that this practice, as well as our integrity in this regard enhances an employer's chances of prevailing if litigation arises.

Because of confidentiality issues, we do not identify those employers for whom we have conducted outside investigations.  We have conducted investigations for organizations in the hospitality, legal and trade industries as well as public sector agencies.

We regularly publish articles and present workshops on the topic of investigations.  Our workshops identify the key components of a successful investigation including how and when to begin an investigation, who should conduct the investigation, how to maintain confidentiality, how to organize and execute an effective investigation, and how to evaluate the facts and take corrective action once the investigation is completed.

Featured Presentations

LCW Webinar Recording: How to Evaluate Your Agency's Internal Affairs Process
September 09, 2015
One of the cornerstones of maintaining accountability in a law enforcement agency is an effective Internal Affairs process that ensures that complaints of misconduct are dealt with effectively through impartial, thorough, and accurate investigations. Problematic IA investigations often lead to discipline that winds up getting reversed or reduced on appeal—even in situations where misconduct occurred. A string of compromised investigations and failed disciplines undermines morale and diminishes the public's trust in an agency. This webinar explains the steps an agency should take to look at their internal rules, processes, POBR compliance and purging procedures to make sure the agency is well positioned to conduct thorough and accurate investigations.
LCW Webinar Recording: Internal Investigations in Light of Today's Media and Culture
October 14, 2015
There can be no doubt that there is a significant portion of our media and community that has a profound distrust of law enforcement. This movement has been fueled by recent high profile incidents in Ferguson, MO, New York City and Baltimore, and it seems as though the problem is getting worse and not better. Indeed, the anti-police rhetoric has tragically led to deadly force being used against officers who have done nothing but wear a uniform.
2016 Legislative Update for Public Agencies
December 10, 2015  |  10:00 AM
The California legislature passed numerous bills, which will go into effect on January 1, 2016, that will impact California employers. This webinar will provide an overview of key legislation, as well as pertinent employment law cases that will impact California's public agencies.
2016 LCW Annual Public Sector Employment Law Conference
February 24, 2016
The registration for the Liebert Cassidy Whitmore's 18th Annual Public Sector Employment Law Conference is now open!


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