Five Things California Private Schools Need to Know About: COVID-19 Testing for Employees and Students

CATEGORY: Webinars on Demand
PRESENTER: Daniella Bahrynian
DATE: November 11 2020, 1:30 am

As schools resume in-person instruction, they must ensure that they follow federal, state, and local guidance when it comes to COVID-19 testing of employees and students.  But what is required when testing employees?  And what, if anything, is required for students?  How should schools respond to those who cannot or will not agree to be tested?  And what is required to ensure schools respect privacy rights?  This webinar will address five key issues related to schools’ obligations when conducting COVID-19 testing.  Participants will learn the current state of the law, work through the most common areas of concern, and leave with a framework for handling testing at their schools.

Who Should Attend?

Heads of School, Business Officers, HR Managers/Directors, and other Administrators


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