Peace Officer Personnel Records Management

CATEGORY: Webinars on Demand
PRESENTER: Geoffrey S. Sheldon

Management of peace officer personnel records has been more complicated than managing personnel records of other types of employees for decades.  This has been due to the fact that peace officer personnel records have been, and still are, regulated by special laws (e.g., laws that are sometimes referred to as the “Pitchess statutes” as well as certain provisions of the Public Safety Officers’ Procedural Bill of Right Act).  However, in recent years records management for peace officers has become even more complicated and time (and resource) consuming due laws enacted by the California legislature.  These legislative changes have not only affected how long records must be maintained (depending on the type of record), but the confidentiality that historically applied to these records has been incrementally stripped away.  This has led to the expanded use of Public Records Act requests by citizens, the press, interest groups, lawyers, unions and other interested parties, and with those requests have come logistical challenges and litigation.  This session will discuss the legal landscape governing peace officer personnel records as well as best practices and practical guidance on how to deal with the many challenges that recent changes to the law have created.

Duration: 10am – 12pm (2 Hours)

Who Should Attend:
Public Safety Supervisors, Managers and Executives, Human Resources Professionals and Risk Managers.

Please email Jaja Hsu at jhsu@lcwlegal.com or call 310.981.2091.

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